Service Program



Our Equipment Performance Assurance Program (E.P.A.P.) Inspection is another key benefit of our service program.

The E.P.A.P. program is specifically designed to professionally maintain our customers packaging machinery at its peak operating efficiency, by giving a detailed report of machine condition and performance, allowing us to provide prompt quality service.

The following features apply to each machine covered under this program:

  • Detailed report of machine condition
  • Lubrication and/or Minor fine tuning or adjustments – Flow Controls, Actuator Cams, Limit Switches, Motor Controllers, Pre-Stretch Devices, Bearings Slides and Friction Parts.
  • Any necessary Approved labor will be charged in fifteen minute increments, when performed at time of E.P.A.P inspection.
  • Upon request, a stretch wrap unit will be provided* for use at zero cost. If minor repair service is not completed within a period of eight (8) working hours, through no fault of yours.
  • Special rental pricing for any additional equipment to E.P.A.P. customers.
  • Fully Automatic or Special Equipment may not be available.

Contact a service professional today at, or call (502) 222-8244 to get pricing or to schedule service. 1-800-942-9194 outside Kentucky.